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JPM&M, provides strategic counsel and full-service management services for issue advocacy, state propositions and local measures, independent expenditure and political campaigns. With decades of management experience, we’ve won more than 100 public affairs and political campaigns for labor unions, trade associations, corporations, Indian tribes, and candidates.


Strategic messaging, message development, crisis communications, and campaign branding is our specialty at JPM&M. The right message to the right audience is increasingly more challenging — yet increasingly more rewarding, in our ever-changing technologically driven world. Our core process of crafting and communicating your message integrates data research, science, sociology, linguistics, analytics, and aesthetics to deliver high impact print, digital, and new media tools.


JPM&M has developed media plans, produced effective ads across all mediums from broadcast TV to cable, radio, and digital media — and, we’ve worked with some of the best media consultants in the business. We can serve as your media consultant, assemble a team of media experts, or work with your media vendor to produce creative advertising campaigns that change minds, rally the masses, and deliver quantifiable results.


Direct mail campaigns are about telling your story. We’re experts at weaving creativity, compelling imagery, number crunching data, and the latest technology to create a poll-driven, targeted mail program that is part art and part science. Serving as direct mail consultant, or producing mail as part of our complete management package, JPM&M has a reputation of creating and producing mail of the highest caliber.